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Tropical Forests
Location: Near the equator
Climate: Constant, highly seasonal rainfall, warm year round with little seasonal variation
Landscape: lots of tall trees, stratisfied, competition for light is intense
Plants and Animals: thorny shrubs, tall trees, birds, amphibeans, most variation of animals of all biomes
Location: Much of Africa, Equatorial and sub-equatorial regions
Climate: Warm year round, some seasonal variation, rain seasonal with 8-9 month dry season
Landscape: grasslands, large shrubs
Plants and Animals: large herbivores, predators, insects dominate
Location: US, parts of Asia, Ethiopia and Australia
Climate: sparse rainfall, temperature variable seasonally and daily
Landscape: rocks and low, widely scattered vegetation
Plants and Animals: Catususes, rodents, lizards, ants
Location: South African Veldt, Spain, and Chile
Climate: highly seasonal precipitation, cool fall, winter, and spring
Landscape: dominated by shrubs and small trees
Plants and Animals: browsers, deer and goat, lots of small mammals
Temperate Grasslands
Location: South African Veldts, Hungary, Steppes of Russia, Plaines and Prairies of North America
Climate: seasonal precipitation, dry winters and wet summers
Landscape: flat grasslands
Plants and Animals: grasses, large grazing mammals, burrowing mammals, birds, snakes
Coniferous Forest
Location: Canada, Europe, Asia, US
Climate: 30-70cm rain every year, periodic droughts common, cold long winters
Landscape: rocky, hilly
Plants and Animals: migratory birds, evergreen trees, moose, brown bears, siberian tigers, insects
Temperate Broadleaf Forest
Location: Midlatitudes in the Northern Hempisphere, smaller areas in New Zealand and Australia
Climate: lots of precipiation in all seasons, cold winters, hot and humid summers
Landscape: rolling hills and tall trees, no canopy
Plants and Animals: desiduous trees, hibernating mammals, migrating birds, insects
Location: Extreme Northern and Southern Hemispheres
Climate: cold and icy, extremely low temperatures and little precipitation
Landscape: treeless and permafrosted
Plants and Animals: low shrubs, polar bears, arctic wolves, foxes, reindeer