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The Biosphere equals
All the Earth
Define Ecology
The scientific studyof the interactions between organisms and their environments
Define Abiotic Components
Non Living Chemical and physical factors
Define biotic Components
They are the living factors
What are the 4 levels of Ecology
3) Community
4) Ecosystem
Individual Adaptation is what level of Ecology
Groups of individuals of the same species, living in the same area is what level of Ecology
Groups of populations of multiple speciesis what level of Ecology
All different species living together (+) the abiotic factors is what level of Ecology
True or false: Our current awarness of the Biosphere's limits stems mainly from the 1970's
False it's the 1960's
What about the pesticide DDT?
* Improved agriculture production.
*Developed in the 1950's
*Was determined to have harmful side effects
* DDT concentrates as it moves up the food chain.
Why does DDt concentrate as it moves up the food Chain.
DDT Doesn't break down as steadily in the environment or the host. When the host gets eaten, the level of DDT is added to the level the preditor already has in their system.
The first ecologist to percieve the global dangers of pesticide abuse
Rachel Carson
What was the name of the book RACHEL Carson wrote that helped to initiate current environmental awareness
" Silent Spring"
What are the 5 elements of Ecology?
1) Sunlight
2) Water
3) Temperature
4) Wind
5) Rock and Soil