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What is the definition of crossing over?
exchange of genetic material between non sister chromatids from non homologous chromosomes duning prophase 1 of mitosis.
What is the defintion of a diploid?
cell with two of each kind of chromosome, is said to contain a diploid or 2n, the number of chromosomes.
What is the definition of an egg?
haploid female sex cell produced by meosis.
What is the definition of genetic recombination?
major source of genetic variation among organisms caused by reassortment of crossing over during meosis
what is the defintion of a haploid cell?
a cell with one of each kind of chromosome.
What is the defintion of homologous chromosome?
paired chromosome's with genes for the same traits arranged in the same order.
what is the definition of meiosis?
type of cell division where one body cell produces four gametes, each containf galf the number of chromosomes as a partners body cell
What is the definition of nondisjunction?
failure of homologous chromosomes to separate properly during meiosis.
What is the definition of sexual reproduction?
pattern of reproduction that invovles the production and sunsequent fusion of haploid sex cells.
what is the definition of sperm?
haploid male sex cells produced by meiosis.