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bony fish live where
in water- aquatic
bony fish make up about how much of the vertebrates population
what kind of gills do bony fish have
covering over the gills and who has them
operculim and bony fish
what functions as a swim bladder
aids in hearing
and can be used for respiration in bony fish
air sac
what do bony fish eat
they can be herbivores, carnivores, parasites, detris feeders
how many chambers do bony fish have for their heart and what are the called
2 ventricle and atrium
how many loop circulation
lay eggs fpr external fertilization
fertilize eggs internally, eggs hatch and then give birth
give birth to live young
what are the three major groups of bony fish
ray, lobe , lung fish
what has a highly developed sense of touch smell, hearing, vision, taste, &electrical fields
Chondrichthyes- sharks, skates and rays
how many ways of movement do chondrichthyes have for food
how many chambers r in the heart for chondrichthyes and how many circuits of blood flow
1bld. flow
what do kidneys excrete wastes as in chondrichthyes
what must sharks do to get oxy gen
keep moving so water gets over the gills
what kind of reproduction in chondrichthyes and what kind of development
sexual and external
what are major groups of chondrichthyes
sharks, skates, and rays
get thier body heat from outside of their body and who does this
exothermic and reptiles
what do reptiles eat
herbivores, carnivores
snakes cannot what and what do they do insteds
hear, detect heat
how many loop circulation do reptiles have
storage place for undigeated waste waiting to be excreted
how many lungs do reptiles usually have
what kind of development in reptiles and how do they have offspring
internal and lay eggs(oviparous)
what does amphibian mean and why
double life
fist life = fish-like
second life = terrestrial
what do amphibians eat
filter feeders, herbivores, carnivores
amphibians have a well developed what
nervous systemq
how many chambers, hearts, and loops do adult amphibians have
3 chm.
1 hrt.
double loop
how many chambers and loops do tadpoles have
2 chm
single loop
amphibians have kidneys for...
and what holds solid wastes
nitrogen wates,
what kind of fertilization and development do amphibians have
external for both