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body structure from some plants/algae that lacks roots, stems, and leaves
group of unicellar or multicellular organisms that live together
type of asexual reproduction in algae where an individual breaks into two pieces and each forms a new individual
type of life cycle where an organism changes between a haploid gametophyte generation and a diploid sporophyte generation
alternation of generations
haploid form in the "alternation of generation" cycle that produces gametes
diploid form of "alternation of generation" cycle that produces spores
In what ways are algae important to all living things on Earth?
They produce much of the oxygen and nutrients used on Earth.
Give examples that show why the green algae are considered to be the most diverse of the 6 phyla of algae.
1)They have more than 7000 species
2)They live in many locations such as freshwater, oceans, moist soil, treetrunks, snow, and on the fur of sloths
3) Can be unicellular, colonial, or multicellular
4) Can reproduces sexually or asexually
In what ways do sporophyte and gametophyte generations of an alga such as an Ulva differ from each other?
Gametophytes produces gametes and are haploid.
Sporophytes are diploids which undergo meiosis and form spores which grow into haploid gametophytes
Why are phycobilins an important pigment in red algae?
They absorb green, violet, and blue light which is the only part of the light spectrum which penetrates water belown 100 meters. It allows them to survive in deep water.
Why should euglenoids be classified as protozoans as well as algae?
Protozoan- animal like because they ingest food if there is no light and have flagella
Algae- plantlike protists, live in water, photosynthesize