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WWhat is chromosome?
The physical sturcture in a cell that contains the cell's gentic material
What is a centromere?
The most thickened and thin region of a chromosome, to which the spindle fiber is attached during mitosis, little ball in the middle of the chromosome
What is chromatid?
2 strands on the side of the chromosome that are joined by a single centromere and separate during cell division to become individual chromosomes
What is DNA?
The genetic materialk fouind in all living cells that contains the information needed for an organism to grow, maintain itself and itself. Deoxyribonnucleic acid.
What is centrioles?
One of two round cellular structures that are composed of nine triplet microtubules and form the asters during mitosis.
What is spindle fibers?
One of a network of colorless filaments that extend inward from the poles of a dividing cell, forming a spindle-shaped figure.
What is cytokinesis?
is the division of the parent cell's cytoplasm
What is mitosis?
part of the cell cycle during with nucleus divides
Wha tis the 1st phase of mitosis and what does it do?
Interphases-when the cells DNA is copied
What is the 2nd stage of mitosis and what does it do?
Prophase-chromosomes condense, the nulclear membrane disappears and long stands of DNA condense to distinct chromosomes, each with 2 chromatids that are exact copies of eachother
What is the 3rd stage of mitosis and what does it do?
Metaphase- chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell
What is the 4th stage of mitosis and what does it do?
Anaphase-Chromtids of each chromosome split into 2 separtate chromosomes, and the separtate chromatids are pulled to opposite ends of the cell
What is the 5th stage of mitosis and what does it do?
Telophase-a new nuclear membrane forms around each of the chromosomes during telophase, then the chromosomes return to thread like form
What is the 6th stage of mitosis and what does it do?
cytokinesis-The division of the cytoplasm of a cell following the division of the nucleus.
What are the chromosomes located in?
In the nucleus of a cell
What is the longest phase?
What is prokaryotes and how is connected to mitosis?
prokaryotes is a that lacks a nucleus and other organelles, with DNA that is not oragized into chromosomes and it is not connected mitosis a tall b.c it lacks a nucleus
What is eukaryotes and how is it conected to mitosis?
Eukaryotes is a cell in which the genetic material is enclosed within a nucleus, surrounded by a memebrane, its connected with mitosis b.c mitosis takes place in eukaryotes b.c it has a nucleus
How many chromosomes do humans have?
46 chromosomes
When do cells begin to specialize?
Cells begin to specialize during development of a cell.
Why is cell division important?
Cell division is important because if a cell didnt divid then it would die