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variations in the length of the DNA molecule between known genes.
length polymorphisms
sequences repeating themselves a few times in the tandem (one behind the other)
variable number tandem repeats (VNTR)
technique that quickly produces many copies of a DNA fragment
polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
artificially made peices of single stranded DNA polymerase to initiate replication.
bacterial proteiens used to cut long DNA molecules into shorter peices
restriction enzyme
technique used to study DNA fragments
gel electrophoresis
resulting pattern of bands
DNA fingerprint
altering genetic material of cells or organisms to allow them to make new substances
genetic engineering
DNA from two different organisms is joined
recombinant DNA
Dna hat can replicate within a cell
small rings of DNA found in some bacterial cells in addition to the main bacterial chromosome.
strand of RNA that is labeled with a radioactive element that can base pair to specific DNA
research effort undertaken to sequence all of our DNA and locate within it all of the functionally important sequences
Human Genome Project
organisms complete set of proteins