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the basic unit is the cell
maitenance of a stable internal environment
reaction to a change in the environment
response to stimulus
cell enlargement and division
changes in an organism that takes place over time
transmission of heredity information from one generation to the next
biology is the study of
and the _______ among them.
biologists use a variety of ---- to study the details of life
scientific methods
what is meant by scientific method?
The common steps that biologists and other scientists use to gather information and answer questions.
What is a hypothesis?
Hypothesis is an explanation for a question or a problem that can be formally tested.
How is a hypothesis tested?
You perform an experiment to test a hypothesis.
The condition being observed or measured in an experiment
dependent variable
The condition that is changed by the experimenter
independent variable
In an experiment the group in which all conditions are kept the same except for the one being tested
experimental group
In an experiment the group in which all conditions are kept the same
control group
a procedure that tests a hypothesis by collecting information under controlled conditions
over time a hypothesis that is supported by many observations and experiments becomes a
Some well established facts of nature such as gravity are recognized as
what is the primary focus of all biological studies?
the understanding of living things and how they interact
what is meant by "living things do not exist in isolation"
Living things need other living things
another word for a living thing
every living thing is made up of parts that function together in an orderly living _____
one kilogram equals how many grams?
1000 grams