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How are birds important to the world.
food, pest control
List 2 ways that different birds court/mate.
Give 3 descriptive facts about lizards.
they have clawed toes, external ears, moveable eyelids, and many types of eating habits.
What is the only living dinasaur type reptile
List 3 well developed responses that birds have.
Give the defination of both the tortise and the turtle
turtle lives in water
tortise lives on land
List 2 features of snakes
have scales, have fangs, no legs, slither, eat things bigger than them, unhinge jaws
How do reptiles excrete waste
they remove it using the cloaca.
Give 2 comparisons of crocodiles and alligators and 2 differences between them.
likes: crocodilia, have teeth, eat meat, raise young
diff: salt/fresh water, bigger, live in other places, climate
What is a bird?
an animal that has feathers and wings, and can fly, hatches babys, and cares for them
What is bird feces made up of.`
nitrogenous compounds and uric acid.
How are birds and reptiles similar?
What is the difference between oviparous and ovoviviparous?
one lays eggs, one has live birth
List 3 types of birds
song, prey, aquatic, flightless
List and describe the three types of feathers.
down, countour, and powder
What kind of heart do birds they have.
What importance does the crop and the gizzard have.
the crop stores food, the gizzard grinds and breaks down.
List the 3 major types of beaks that birds have for different feeding purposes.
long, nectar
short, nuts
curved, tearing
flat, straining
What is the importance of the air sac in the birds.
allow them to fly
Describe how birds reproduce.
They fertilize internally and lay eggs.
How do snakes taste
they use the Jacobson's organ
Describe an amniotic egg
An egg that is surrounded by a shell and a membrane. This egg allows for life on land.
What is a reptile
a vertebrate that has lungs, lives outside of water, and has a special type of egg
Describe how birds fly.
in a figure 8 fashion
How do reptiles breathe
they use lungs that are located inside the body. Snakes only have one lung.
What is a double-loop system
It is the reptile circulation system. One takes oxygen poor blood, and one takes oxygen rich blood.
List 2 ways that reptiles eat
herbavores, carnivours, eggs, fish, use their tounges, extend jaws
List 3 types of reptiles
turtles, tortises, snakes, lizards, chamaleons, kimodo dragons, gila mosters
Define both ectotherm and endotherm when dealing with animals.
ecto - cold blooded
endo - warm blooded
How do reptiles reproduce?
internally, and sexually
Give 2 ways reptiles are important to the world.
What does a reptiles skin consist of?
It consists of scales, or a leathery type apperance.
List 2 uses for snakes fangs
poisoning and killing prey