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How does transpiration pull work?
pulls the water up through the plant to evenly distribute it.
What is the cell theroy?
all things are made up of cells. cells are the smallest unit of life. all cells are produced from presexisting cells.
What are active transport and diffusion and how do the differ?
active transprot is moving particles against the concentration gradient. diffusion is moving paritcles from high concentation to low concentration with the concentration gradient. Active transport requires energy.
What are 3 examples of specialization in plants?
Root hairs, guard cells and cuticle.
What is hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic?
hypertonic is a solution that has a higher solute concentration than the other solution. Hypotonic is a solution that has a lower solute concentration that the other solution. Isotonic is when the solute concentration is the same a the other solution.
What happens when the cell increases in size?
more molecules need to be transported across the cell.
what is phototropism and gravotropism?
a plants responce to a light stimulus.
a plants responce to the gravitational pull.
What is a meristem?
area where rapid cell division occurs.
What is the difference between exocytosis and endocytosis?
exo. is when the plant rids itself of waste. endo. is when the plant lets things in.
What is one disadvantge of electron microscopes?
the specimen is dead.
What is spontaneous generation? Who disproved it?
Louis Pastuer. The belief that life can spontaneously occur.
This uses glucose to create chemical energy.
cellular respiration
What are the 3 main layers of a plant?
dermal tissue, ground tissue and vascular tissue.
What is the difference between spongy mesophyll tissue and palisade tissue?
smt are loosly packed cell responcible for the exchange of gases. pt are tightly packed cells which are the sites of photosythesis.
What is the endoplasmic recticulum? What are the 2 different types?
tubes that transport things in the cell. smooth and rough