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From what cell does the sporophyte develop in mosses
the zygote
the sporophyte grows out of the...
leafy shoot.
Why is the sporophyte only present in certain gametophyte plants??
becaaaaause the sporophytes can only grow out of FEMALE gametophytes.
with what structure in moss does a fern sorus compare?
A reproductive cycle that includes both gametophye and sporophyte stages leads to a(n)...
alternation of generations
In mosses, the ______ stage is the dominant stage
female moss reproductive organ; produces
archegonium; eggs
male moss reproductive organ; produces
antheridium; sperm
When the organs in moss are mature, how do the sperm and egg come together?
the sperm swims to the egg in a thin film of water.
fertilization of the moss reproductive organs creates
a zygote (diploid)
The zygote is the first cell of the _____ generation in mosses
In the moss sporophyte generation, a slender _____ grows up from the leafy shoot and on top of it is the ______ in which haploid _____ develop.
stalk, capsule, spores
In MOSS when the spores are mature, they are released and germinate into ________
In moss Protonema is the first stage of the _________ generation
In FERNS, the dominant stage is the ______
In FERNS, _____ grow up from underground ________
fronds, rhyzome
The underside of the fronds are spotted with brown ______, which contain ______
sori, spores
in FERNS, the germinating spores germinate in the ground and form a young ___________ which produces male and female _______ that will unite to form a ______ once again
prothallus, gemetes, rhyzome
Ferns are _____ plants, which means they have ______ tissue
vascular tissue
carries water and minerals from the roots and carry sugar made in the leaves to other parts of the plant.