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Main reason that cells divide
to reduce the surface area to volume ratio
Know when DNA is duplicated
Effect of Cholchicine
stops cell division at metaphase because it dissolves microtubules (no spindle)
Differences between animal and plant cell division
- Animals cells have centrioles
-Plant cells have a cell wall and chloroplasts
Know centrosome, centriole, and cell wall
centrioles= 1pair (responsible for the spindle)
centrosomes=2pairs of centrioles
cell wall= (2nd layer)
Function of the centromere
to join 2 chromatids
Know what cytokinesis is and when it occurs
in the metaphase stage of the cell cycle, cytokinesis follows telophase when the cell membrane and/or cell wall forms, that is called cytokinesis
Know when the nucleolus disappears