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Absorbs mostly orange-red and blue-violet light
Chlorophyll A
The photosystems and electron transport chains are located in the..
thlyakoid membrane
Water participates directly in the light reactions by
donating electrons to photosystem II
compound that absorbs light
Cluster of several hundred chlorophyll and carotenoid pigment molecules in the thlyakoid membrane
How are electrons replaced in photosystem II?
Splitting of water
Glucose and Oxygen are products of
NADPH is a product of
Electron Transport
ATP is a product of
splitting of water makes
oxygen, protons and electrons
ATP and NADPH are used in the...
Calvin Cycle
RuBP is a blank blank carbohydrate that splis into...
five carbo; PGA
PGA and PGAL are..
3 caarbon molecules
use BLANK molecules of ATP and BLANk molecules of NADPH
As light intensity ( ) the rate of photosynthesis ( ) then it ( ).
increases, increases, plateaus
As carbon dioxide levels () the rate of photosyntheis () and then(). Just like ()
increases, increases, plateus; light intensity.
Bad effects of too much CO in the air..
global warming, acid rain