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What is a Cell?
-the smallest unit of life that can survive and reproduce on its own.
What is a Molecule?
2 or more atoms of the same or diff. elements joined by chemical bonds.
What is a Organ?
2 or more tissues arrayed in a specific pattern and interacting in some task.
What is a Population?
- Group of individuals of the same species in a specified area.
What is an Ecosystem?
- An array of species and their physical environment.
What are the kingdoms?
plantae, and archebacteria
What are producers?
An organism that serves as a source of food for other organisms in a food chain.
What are Consumers?
feeds off on other organisms in a food chain.
What are Decomposers?
- An organism, often a bacterium or fungus, that feeds off on and breaks down dead plants or animal matter for making nutrients.
What is the Control Group?
In a test or trial, a group that does not receive a new treatment being studied, and which is compared to the group that does receieve it.
What are protons?
Postively charged
What are Neutrons?
(NO CHARGE!) the nucleus holds the neutrons.
What are Electrons?
Negative Charge, outside of nucleus.
Define Hydrophobic:
Repelling, or can not dissolve in water.
Define Hydrophilic:
Can easily absorb or dissolve in water.