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Define Anatomy
The scientific discipline that investigates the structure of the body.
Define Anatomic Imaging
Involves the use of x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI's, and other technologies used to create pictures of internal structures.
Define Physiology
The scientific discipline that deals with the processes or functions of living things.
Define Homeostasis
The existence and maintenence of a relatively constant environment within the body
Define Negative Feedback
Mechanisms which function to maintain homeostasis.
Define Positive Feedback
NOT homeostatic and are rare in healthy individuals.
Define Anatomical Position
Position in which a person is standing erect with feet facing forward, arms hanging to the sides, and palms of hands facing forward.
What is the definition of Systemic Anatomy?
The study of the body by systems.
What are three examples of Systemic Anatomy?
The circulatory, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems.
What is the definition of Regional Anatomy?
The study of the organization of the body by areas. Within each region are systems that are studied simultaneously.
What is the definition of Surface Anatomy?
The study of external features such as bony projections, which serve as landmarks for locating deeper structures.
How is physiology classified?
1.)According to the organism involved


2.)The levels of organization within a given organism.
What is the definition of Human Physiology?
The study of a specific organism, the human.
What is the definition of Cellular and Systemic Physiology?
Examples of physiology that emphasize specific organizational levels.