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what is transcription
where dna makes a complimentary sequence of rna
what is translation
making proteins and translating the languuage of nucleic acids into protiens (amino acids)
where does transcription take place in the cell
where does translation take place in the cell
outside of the nucleus
what organelles are involved in transcription and translation?
Transcription- ribosomes (mRNA)
translation- chromosomes
what are the jobs of dna,rna,and mrna?
mRNA- begins AUG the start codon
tRNA- brings amino acids to ribosomes
where in the nucleus of the cell is material found
in the chromosomes
what is a gene
a segment of DNA that codes for a particular protein
what does the genetic code in a gene code for
how many bases does it take to code for an amino acid?
DNA directs growth and development by directing the production of ...
what two bases are purine bases
A and T
what two bases are pyrimidine
C and G