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Who is recognized as the father of evolution?
What type of growth cannot continue at a rapid rate without crashing?
The sum total of all the planet’s ecosystems is called what?
Non living components of the environment are called what?
Plants, bacteria, and fungi and humans are which type of organisms in the environment?
Water, Air, and Gases would be described as what?
Which properties emerge at the level of the individual?
None of the above
What do you call the 3 dimensional arrangement of the organisms in the environment?
What type of growth normally stabilizes or levels off near the carrying capacity?
Interconnecting food chains make up what?
Food Web
What generally happens to organisms as you go up the food chain?
Get larger
All organisms are ultimately utilized by what?
Humans are what?
How much energy is passed from one trophic level to the next?
Different feeding levels are called what?
Trophic levels
If a small bird eats a plant, the fox eats the bird, what is the fox called?
Secondary Consumer
As you go up the food chain, what generally happens to the organisms at each level?
Less Numerous
What’s another name for herbivores?
Primary Consumers
The number of individuals in a population that the local environment can support for a specified period of time is known as what?
Carrying Capacity
What kind of factors do we consider Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Floods?
Density Independent
Dogs are a good example of what?
Artificial Selection
In natural selection, what is selected?
The entire Genotype
In a diploid organism, variations may be stored or hidden as what?
Recessive Traits
What must exist among the individuals of any population?
What was Mendal working on when Darwin was writing his book?
How many different characteristics did Mendal work with?
Mendal’s work was discovered when?
How many of the traits Mendal worked with were linked?
A group of organisms of the same species living in the same place at the same time is called what?
Which factors would be density dependent?
Food, Water, or Shelter
The mating habits of Snow Geese is an example of what?
Non random mating
The coexistence within a population of two or more phenotypically distinct forms is called what?
Mutations occur how?
The movement of alleles into or out of a population is called what?
Gene Flow
The situation where a small population branches off of a large one. Some can be lost or represented.
Founder Effect
The most important method by which Eukaryotic organisms promote variation in their offspring is what?
Sexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction produces new genetic combination by what?
Crossing Over
Evolution can be defined as any change in the frequency of what in the gene pool?
It’s estimated that each new human carries how many new mutations?
The northern elephant seal is a good example of what?
Population Bottleneck
What did McClintock work with?
Jumping Genes
What did McClintock win?
Nobel Prize in Medicine
Darwin cannot explain the sudden appearance of what?
New traits
Darwin could not explain how traits were transmitted from parents to what?
How much genetics did Darwin know?
Mendal taught what subject?
The sum total of all the alleles of the genes, of all the individuals in the population is called what?
Gene Pool
What’s the primary unit of ecological study?
The reproductive potential of most organisms is ___.
Which of the following is Density Dependent Factor?
Food, Water, and Shelter
What name is given to an organism that eats only meat?
What name is given to an organism that eats only plants?
What name is given to an organism that eats plants and animals?
All organisms must eventually be_____.
The reproductive potential of most organisms is ____.
The whole world is considered to be a what?
The living component of the ecosystem is referred to as what?
The number of organisms in a population is called its what?
The number of organisms that an environment can support for a long period of time is called what?
Carrying Capacity
A diagram of what eats what is called a what?
Food Chain
What generally happens to organisms as you go down the food chain?
Get smaller/More numerous
Which organisms manufacture food?
Bacteria and Fungi are called what?
If man eats a turkey for Thanksgiving, he would be what?
Secondary Consumer
If you want to increase the number of individuals in the area, you have to change what?
A hurricane would be an example of what type of factor?
Density Independent
The American eagle would be an example of what?
Population bottleneck
How many sets of chromosomes does a diploid organism have?
Increased growth of the F1 plant over either parent is called what?
Hybrid Vigor
What do you have to cross to get a hybrid?
Inbred lines
What did Mendal win for his work?
Snow Geese are a good example of what?
Non random mating
An organism can promote variation in the offspring by____.
Crossing over
An organism can promote variation in the offspring by____.
Random Assortment of the Chromosomes During Miosis.
Which organisms will survive in population?
What is the lowest level of study in Ecology?