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Cell Theory
All living Organisims are composed of cells
What is a virus
A virus is a non-celluar strucutre consiting of DNA or RNA that is surrounded by a protien coat.
Where do new Cells come from?
From Prexisting cells
What are three advantages to using a light microscope?
colour images
larger field of view
examining live material
What are the advantages of using an electron microscope?
What is Resolution?
the clarity at which you observe objects.
What is magnification?
how many times larger it is than in real life.
What is the importance of the Surface Area to volume ratio as a factor that limits cell size?
the rate of metabolism of a cell is a function of its mass:volume ratio, whereas the rate of exchange of materials and energy (heat) is a function of surface area
What do unicellular orgainsims do?
Unicellular organisms carry out the functions of life
How are cells in multicellular organisims different?
They are differnt becuase they each carry out a specialized function tht exspresses some of thier genes but not others