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What is Genetics
A branch of biology that studies heredity.
branch of heredity
Who was the father of genetics? What was his famous experiment?
Gregor Mendel...... He bred the pea plant.
Wats ur brothers name....and plant
What is Dominant and Recessive?
Dominant- expressed trait
Recessive- not expressed
What is a sex linked trait?
A trait that is determined by a gene found on the x chromosomes.
What is Heredity?
Transmission of genetic traits from parent to offspring
What are alleles?
An alternate form of a gene
What is the Law of Segregation?
Law stating that pairs of genetics sperate in meiosis and each gametes recieves one gene of a pair.
What is the Law of Segregation?
law stating that pairs of genes seperate independently of one another in meiosis
What is probability?
the likilihood that a specific event will occur
What is a Monohybrid Cross?
cross involving one pair of contrasting traits.