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What are the life cycles of viruses?
Lytic and Lysogenic
What are the steps of the Lytic Cycle?
1. Recognizes host and makes contact

2. Uses Digestive Enzymes to create a hole to inject the viral DNA

3. Viral DNA hooks to bacterial DNA

4. Viral DNA takes over protein synthesis

5. Bacterium makes viral proteins

6. Assembles new viruses

7. Enzyme unzips cell wall and lysis occurs.
What are the steps of the Lysogenic cycle?
1. Recognize host and make contact.
2. Inject Viral DNA
3. Viral DNA hooks to bacterial DNA
4. Virus stops, and Bacteria divides and copys viral DNA
Edward Jenner
Smallpox vaccine:

Wounded boy
Put in cowpox
Wound again
Put in Smallpox
Was Immune
Before seen, what were viruses thought to be?
World Health Org.

Eradicated Smallpox