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What is the biological term for a living thing?
What do ecologists NOT study?
Inherited diseases in humans
What do biologist call the food relationships among all organisms that share the same environment?
Food Web
Which of the following is a producer-consumer relationship?
Rabbits eat grass
What do biologists call the living things that use light energy to make food?
Producers, consumers, and decomposers all interact with eachother. What is this collection of organisms in one area called?
What type of energy can be used directly by all living organisms?
Chemical Energy
Which of the following is directly involved in all forms of biological activity?
What is the ultimate source of energy for the biosphere?
Light Energy
Which of these sequences describes the pathway f energy through living things in their environment?
Light Energy to Chemical Energy to Heat
What form of energy is passsed along from organism to organism in a food chain?
Chemical Energy
A farmer started colonies of rats and mink hoping to feed the rats to te mink and skinned mink to the remaining rats, therby getting mink skins for nothing. Is this possible?
No, because much of the food energy is lost as heat
What eventually happens to most of the energy that enters a food web?
It is lost as heat
What can producers do that consumers cannot?
Convert light energy into sugars
Which of the following cannot be cycled by organisms?
In a food chain, how does matter differ from energy?
Matter can by cycled
Coal is entirely made up of the chemical carbon. If a pice of coal is reduced to its smallest part but so that it is still carbon, what is this particle called?
An atom
Which best describes the interrelationships between organisms in the biosphere?
In a state of constant adjustment
Which is NOT true of the biosphere?
It cannot be altered by humans
A hypothesis is most valuable in biology when it can be tested by ...
Observation and experimentations
Which of these terms best completes the following question that can be answered by biological investigations..? Why do people who live in the same neighborhood have different .. ?
Blood types
Which of the following pairs of terms in biology have the same meaning?
Data and Facts
Which best describes a hypothesis?
An observation of the living world
A biologist has the hypothesis :"if swallows use only the stars to find their way as they migrate, then when it is cloudy then they will not fly." What do the "if" and "then" portions of the hypothesis represent?
Cause and effect
What term is given to the different factors that may affect the results of an experiment?
What determins the way atoms react?
Number of electrons in the atoms
How do atoms of carbon and oxygen differ?
All of these
Which pair of terms means approximatley the same as synthesis and decomposition?
Putting together and taking apart
In the absense of a source of energy, living materials have a tendency to become
What proceses is responsible for converting this vast energy supply into a usable form?
In what form do producers store the energy that is obtained from sunlight?
Chemical Energy
Energy is most quickly available for all animal activities when it is in which chemical form?
How is a molecule of ATP different from a molecule of ADP?
Extra Phosphate
Which is NOT true of enzymes?
They break down as a result of the reasction
Any substance whose presence speeds up the reate of a chemical reaction is called ...
A catalyst
What is the main function of DNA?
Carrying genetic information
When is carbon dioxide NOT being realeased into the atmosphere?
As producers perform photosynthesis
Which organisms release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?
All organisms
Sugars, starches, cellulose, and other similiar organic compounds which contain only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are what types of organic compounds?
What group of organic compounds are considered to be the most efficient energy storing molecules?
What group of organic compounds are composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sometimes sulur atoms?
Fats, oils, and waxes are all what type of organic compounds?
Proteins are complex molecules composed of chains of what sub-units?
Amino Acids
What best defines a population?
Number of zebras in Eas Africa in 1989
What make up populations?
What do biologists call the rate at which reproduction increases the size of a population?
For which of these populations would you expect to find the rates of immigration and emigration to be nearly zero?
Fish in a pond
What two factors cause population to decrease?
Emigration and mortality
The difference between which two rates of population change could be used to determine the rate of increase of the human population on the planet?
Mortality and birthrate
What two factors contribute to an increase in the size of a population?
Birthrate and immigration
If the rate of immigration and emigration of a pop. are the same, what would cause the population to continue to increase in siz?
If the birthrate is greater than the mortality
What would explain why the human population is growing larger?
Human birthrate exceeds mortality
Which of the following is a part of the biotic environment?
How does weather affect the biotic environment?
It is often a limiting factor
"eleven crickets per square meter in Adams County, Illinois, this year," is an expression of
What is true about the resources needed to support a pop of animals?
Always finite
What factor usually is responsible for limiting the size of each pop in the biosphere?
The carrying capacity of the ecosystem
Which best illustrates a population at homeostasis?
A stable deer population
Which probably has the most rapid dispersal?
A mushroom with spores carried by the wind
Which is NOT a limiting factor for human populations?