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What is a genetic trait?
characteristic that is pased down on a gene
What is an allele?
diferent varieties of the same gene (we posess 2 alleles)
austrian monk; experimented w/ pea plants and formulated major theories on heredity (1860s)
Chosee pea plants because..?
- pea produces rapidly
- he brushed pollen onto the pistil of another plant
- easily observed traits(color, height, shape, etc) --? contol control mutiny
Theory of factors (genes)
something (we call them gene) is passed from parents to offspring that controls appearance of traits in the offspirng
Theory of paired factors
PW + PW --> WW
Paired factors
for each trait, an indivudlual possesses a pair of factors (alleles) -- one from mom/dad
Theory of dominance/recessive
- some factos (alleles) are dominant: ALWAYS appear no matter what they are pared with
- ome are recessive: will NEVER show up if paired with a dominant
both alleles of the pair are the same (D/D/ or r/r)
when one allele is paired with another (d+r)
Theory of segregation
- factors (alleles) for each trait come in pairs
- these pairs split up ( segregate) during meiosis
- one allele goes into 2 sperms/eggs/ the other allele goes into another 2 sperms/eggs
Law of independent assortment (explains variability
- says that traits are passed on/ inherited independently of each other (jut because you inherited your mothers blue eyes does not mean you also get her red hair)

- during meiosis (gamete formation)
-there is a random assortment of male/female in each gamete
sum total of genes/alleles (your ENTIRE collection)
the genes that are expressed (what actually SHOWS UP)