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Phloem is good for what
sugars and othr organic materials
what kind of tissue is xylem and ploem
vascular tissue
what type of plant is not vascular
two pylums in gymnosperms
coniferophyta , girkophyta, cycaduphyta, gnetophyta
what phylum does a fern belong to
function of a root cortex
to store nutrients
how does a fiborous root compare to a tap root
fiborous root is a monocot and doesnt go deep in the soil
how does water move up a stem
capillary action
what type of stem can go through photosynthesis
herbacous stem
what is the function of the gaurd cells in the leaves
protect stromata
what are roots functions
store nutrients , absorb nutrients, anchor the plant
what are stems functions
protection, to contain sylem and ploem and support
what are leaves functions
cutide, photosynthesis, gas exchange
What is xylem good for
carrying h20 and minerals
What is root hair good for
increases absorbson
What are the three types of soil:
clay, sand , loam
What is clay:
small and fine particles, has low water drainage
What is sand:
larger particles, high water drainage
What is loam:
mix of sand and clay, medium water drainage
Essential nutrients: N,PH,P,C,M
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium
How does nitrogen help plants:
proper leaf growth and color
How does phosphorus help plants:
make DNA in all cells and is important in development
How doesPotassium help plants:
make proteins and carbs
How does calcium help plants
cell metabolism and cell growth and division
What do chlorophyll molecules do:
Chlorophyll molecules kill plants
How are nutrients absorbed
through active transport in the roots
What are the femal parts of a flower
pistil, stigma, style and ovary
what are the male parts of a flower:
stamen, anther , filament and pollen
what is a complete flower
has both male and female parts
incomplete flower
either just male or female parts
What are the types of pollination
cross pollination, self pollination
What is pollination
repproduction of a flower by pollen
What is epicotyl
grows into stem
what is hypocotyl
grows into roots
What are the three factors of seed growth
growth hormones, phototropism,gravitropism
what is growth hormones:
A: gibberlins: begin germination
B: auxins: elongate stem prefer shady side.
what is phototropism
regulates light intake
what is gravitropism
regulated by gravity
What are the three types of seed dispersal
wind, animal, animal fur
What is a monocot for roots? Dicots?
monocot is : fiberous roots
dicot is : tap root
What is capillary action
h20 moving up the stem
Is the Plant kingdom eukaryotic and multicellar or single cellular
it is eukaryotic and muticellular
Are plants Autotrops or hetero trophs
mostly autotrophs but some are hetero
What are the 4 groups of the plant kingdom
Bryophytes,vascular, gymnosperms, and agiosperms
What are flowers in the 4 groups
What are four types of gymnosperms
ginkophyta, cycadophyta gnetophyta coniferophyta
What is Coniferophta
pine trees
What are Gnetophyta
tropical vines/ trees
what are cycadophytas
older plants "dino food"
what are ginkophyta
What are angiosperms
flowering plants
what are gymnospersm
vascular seeded
what are bryophytes
non vascular (grow low to ground)
what is vascular
(grows tall and contains xylem and phloem
What is he stamen part of a flower
the male part of the flower
what is a filament
the stem of the anther
what is the anter
anther contains the pollen
What is the female part of the flower
the pistil
what is the stigma
upper part of pistil
what is the style
stalk betwee the stigma and the ovary
what is the ovary
the base of the pistil that contains the egg
why are flower petals somtimes brightly colored
to attract insects and other pollinators