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Where does exchange of gases and nutrients take place?
What are the two main areas of the heart?
Atrium and Ventricle
Average Heart Rate?
Define Diastole
relaxation of the heart
Define Systole
dialation of heart
What's the purpose of the pacemaker?
conduction of energy through heart
What's the formula for calculating Blood Pressure(BP)?
BP=Cardiac Output* Peripherol resistance(PR)
Average BP?
What's another name for RBC?What's the red blood cell(RBC) function?
Another name for RBC-Leucyte.
RBC takes oxygen in.
A hemoglobin molecule is located in RBC. They take in oxygen b/c of the Iron located in the heme group.
What's another name for WBC?What's the function of WBC(White Blood Cells)?
Other name- Erthrocytes
Function: defense system
Other name for Plateles?
Digestion Accessory Organs are...
*Pancrease- pancratic ducts, carry pancratic juice
*Liver- connect to the duct and bring forth bile(immulsifies: dispurses fats so enzymes can break them down)
What are the major circuits of circulation?
-Pulmonary circulation
-Systemic Circulation
What's hypertension?
High BP
What is the disorder Angina Pectoris?
When fat is deposited in the artery the lumen becomes smaller and makes it more difficult for blood to flow through, which will cause chest pain, lack of oxygen to heart muscle, and pain to the shoulder and back.
Define Dendrites
recieve info from 1 neuron and takes it to another from the axon
Define Axon
the axon's ending are output zones where messages are sent to other cells
What are the 3 neurotransmitters?
1)Norepinephrine NE
2)Acetylcholine ACh
3)Dopamine DA
Define Limpic system
(includes thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala, & hippocampus) governs memory and emotion
What do the medulla's centers control?
-Cardio-vascular system
Define Accomidation
Ability of the muscle to contract[when objects are close] and relax[when objects far].when objects are close-slack fibers, far-taut fibers
Define Relax Arc
actions from stimili to sensory neurons, then to inter-neurons, and then to neurons.
what type of receptor is used in nose?
How does light travel through the eye?
1st-Outter eye layer- cornea focuses light
2nd-Mid-layer-the choroid prevents light scattering
-iris controls incoming light
-ciliary body and lens aids in focusing light on photoreceptors
3rd- Adjustment in the position or shape of the lens focus incoming visual stimuli onto retina
What is the Anterior gland known as?
master gland
What does the Pituitary gland facilitate?
Anterior Gland
What does the Thryroid Gland produce?
T3 T4(thyroxine)[burns energy]& Calcitonin[removes calcium from blood]
What is Simple Goiter?
When one doesn't have enough iodine.