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What did Franklin/Wilkins use to help decipher the shape of DNA?
X-Ray diffraction
He discovered that A=T and C=G
This Scientist was trying to figure out if the tranforming substance was protein, carbohydrates or DNA. Who was it?
He found that when heat killed smooth bacteria and living rough bacteria were injected into a mouse, something caused the rough bacteria to turn into smooth bacteria. Who was it?
Griffith did not realize it at first but he discovered this?
The transformation in bacteria.
Hershey/Chase found that DNA was the molecule that a virus injected into what?
Its host.
Is the R-Strain of pneumonia virulent or not virulent?
Not virulent
The mice died when this was injected into them?
Heat killed smooth form pneumonia and living rough form Pneumonia
Transformation did not occur when heat killed smooth and rough bacteria with DNA destroying enzymes was used in an experiment, True or False?
Protein coat and DNA are the two parts of this?
Radioactive labeled DNA were found inside the bacteria after the virus infected the bacteria, True or False
A=T and C=G is who's rule?
Chargoff's rule
They built a model of DNA with the configuration of a double helix, who were they?
Watson and Crick
Watson and Cricks DNA model was formed on the basis of another Scientist work, who was it?
Nucleotide is the monomer of a _____________.
Nucleic acid
Ribose is or is not a part of DNA?
Is not
We study DNA for these three reasons.
Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Cure/Prevent diseases
These weak H-Bonds hold strands of this together. What is it.
In a eukaryote cell what is found in the nucleus?
A strand of DNA
DNA are held together by weak H-Bonds, true or false?
Genetic Information, Codes for proteins and hereditary material that is passed onto ones offspring are functions of __________.
What does a helicase do?
Unwinds the double helix
Base thymine is not a characteristic of________
This helps wind up and package eukaryotic DNA, what is it?
What is the process of Transcription?
Instructions for making a protein transfer from a gene to an RNA molecule
How many codon combinations are there?
These instructions are written as a series of three-nucleotide sequences called codons is it RNA or DNA?
What is the process by which the nucleotides in mRNA are decoded into a sequence of amino acids?
This is the purpose of translation.
Where does translation occur at?
In the DNA extration lab this element destroyed the cell and nuclear membranes. What was it?
Tide detergent