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How does energy metabolism define life?
Energy Meta. is the ability of living organisms to extract energy from the environment. Life requires energy to exist, grow, and reproduce.
Why does the ability to reproduce define life?
All living organisms grow through metabolism and reproduction. They need to make copies of them selves.
What is the suitable environment for life? (7)
Temp (37°C), Water, Salt Concentration, Oxygen, Pressure and Waste removal.
What are the nutritional requirements for life?
Organic Compounds
What are Organic Compounds?
They consist of Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen.
What is chemical energy?
It is stored in the bonds of chemical compounds and can be released by breaking these bonds.
What is the source of energy for living organisms?
What are the common characteristics of life?
Enzymes, Organic Compound, and Genetic Code.
What is the relationship of all living things on earth?
Genetic code with 64 possible codes.
Monomers of Protein?
Amino Acids
Monomers of Lipids?
Glycerol and Fatty acids
Monomers of Carbohydrates?
Simple sugars (mono-saccharides)
Monomers of Nucleic Acids?
Asexual reproduction
an organism the reproduces without forming gametes
Coupled Reactions
a pair of reactions that are linked together such that energy produced in one reaction supplies the energy to drive the second reaction.
early developmental stage of an organism produced from a fertilized egg
A protein that serves as a biological catalyst, Initiators for breaking down chemical bonds to release energy