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Life with its ability to reproduce began on this planet ______ years ago
3.7 billion
Because changes in DNA must occur in order for life to adapt and survive, there must be some errors in the process of __________.
DNA Replication
The greatest ability to produce variation resulting from very rapid reproduction rates exists in _______ cells.
Prokaryotic or Bacterial
The attitude that interprets reality exclusively in terms of human values and experiences is known as ___________.
The attitude that attributes hum motivations and characteristics to inanimate object or animals is known as _________.
For each offspring, the parent that has to invest the most energy to care for it is the _________.
The physical differences seen between males and females in species where males are polygamous and provide no parental care is know as __________.
Sexual Dimorphism
Females can small Major Histocompatability Genes (MHG) in potential mates and prefer mates with MHC genes __________ from their own.
A set of complex behavioral traits that are embedded in the gentic program of bioloical organisms are known as ___________.
Fixed Action Patterns (FAP)
Fixed Action Patterns are initiated by some type of _________.
Sign Stimuli
An example of sign stimuli initiating a fixed action pattern in sexual selection behavior is seen in the tufts of hair on the legs of male ___________.
Wolf Spiders
In a fixed action patterns are initiated, profound physiological changes that result in expression of distinct behavior are known as ______.
Once behavior of a fixed action pattern are iniated, an entire sequence of steps will automatically occur until completed. These steps are known as a _________.
Motor Program
The mechanism of how an organism behaves with regards to how stimuli are recieved and transformed into behavioral responses is known as ____________ causation.