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The difference in physical appearance between males and females of some species such as ibexes and peacocks is know as_________.
Sexual dimophism
Female Reproductive organs responsible for egg production are ________ while in males, the organ responsible for sperm production are ________.
Ovaries, Testes
In the presence of estrogen, the internal female genitalia are formed from a set of tubes known as __________.
Mullerian Ducts
Despite being genetically XY, people with mutated genes for testosterone receptors develop as females, a condition known as __________.
Steroid hormones are produced from a fatty precursor commonly found in the cell membranes known as __________.
An occurrence where paired chromosomes do not separate during meiosis and are both passes into the same gamete is known as ________.
Trisomy 21, a condition where an individual has three copies of chromosome 21 due to a nondisjunction event, is more commonly known as ___________.
downs syndrome
In Turner syndrome, as a result in an individual with the sex chromosome complementation of _____.
In Kleinfelter syndrome, as a result of nondisjunction, and individual has a sex chromosome complementation of_______.
In crocodiles, sex determination is dependant upon incubation enviroment __________.
The type of sequential sex determination where all organisms start life male and a breeding female is replaced by a male changing sex is known as ________.