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Requires NO energy to move things across the cell membrane
Simple diffision
In simple diffusion, molecules move from an area of _________ concentration to an area of _________ concentration
high, low
Why is diffusion considered a passive process?
No energy is used to make the molecules move
With diffusion, molecules move by thier own natural _________ energy or energy of motion.
Energy of motion
kinetic energy
Explain what happens to a drop of food coloring when you put it into a beaker of water.
It diffuses
When solutes diffuse throug a memberane what do they do.
Move from a high to a low concentration.
What is diffusion of water across a cell membrane
What is osmosis?
The diffusion of water across a cell membrane.
If water potential is HIGH, solute concentration is ________.
If water potential is LOW solute concentration is ________.
Water moves from _____ water potential to _____ water potential.
high, low
Water diffuses through the _________ ________ of the cell membrane
phospholipit bilayer
What is meant by NO NET movement
Sketch a picture of a cell in an isotonic environment and show the direction of water movement
(Draw picture)
Sketch a picture of a cell in an Hypotonic environment and show the direction of water movement.
(Draw picture)
Sketch a picture of a cell in an hypertonic environment and show the direction of water movement.
(draw picture)
What occurs whenever water moves out of a cell and the cell shrinks in size
What occurs whenever water moves into the cells causing them to cwell and burst.
What happens to a red blood cell placed in distilled water?
Cells swell and burst (cytolosis)
What happens to a red blood cell places in a concentrated salt solution?
Cell shrinks and shrivels (plasmolysis)
Draw a red blood cell in Hypotonic environment.
(Draw picture)
Draw a red blood cell in isotonic environment.
(Draw Picture)
Draw a red blood cell in hypertonic environment.
(Draw Picture)
Draw a plant cell in hypertonic environment
(Draw picture)
Draw a plant cell in hypotonic environment.
(Draw picture)
Draw a plant cell in isotonic environment
(Draw picture)
Plants prefer _________ environments.
Animal Cells do best in what type of environment?
Describe simple diffusion
Materials move down
Describe facilitated diffusion
The passage of materials is helped by the
Describe active transport
molecules move thre
Passive transport does _______ require additional energy.
Passive transport moves materials from _______ to ______ concentration
high, low
Give 2 examples of passive transport in cells.
Oxygen into the cell
Carbon dioxide moving out of the cell
_____ diffusion is a type of ______ transport because energy is NOT required
facilitated, passive
Is energy required in faciliated diffusion? Why
No, because it is a type of passive transport
Facilitated diffusion uses ______ proteins to help move materials from _____ to ____ concentrations.
transport, high, low
Name 2 materials that move into or out of cells by facilitate diffusion
glucose and amino acids moving from blood into cells
Name 2 types of transport proteing found in cell membranes
Describe channel proteins
How do carrier proteing help move materials across a cell membrane?
they change shape
Channel proteins have an opening or a ____ through which molecules can passively move by _______ diffusion
pore, facilitated
Do all carrier proteins extend across the cell membrane?
Explain how carrier proteins move materials across the membrane.
Some carrier proteins can change ____ to move materials across the cell membrane.
What kind of transport requires additional energy to move materials?
active transport
Active transport uses cellular energy known as ________.
Active transport moves materilas AGAINST the concentration gradient or _____ to ____ concentration
low, high
Active transport moves materials _____ the concentration gradient.
The _____ pump is an example of active transport.
sodium potassium
Sodium potassium is an example of _______ transport.
Moving very large particles out of the cell is called _________.
In exocytosis, wates are moved out of the cell in ________ that fuse with the cell membrane
_______ involves moving large particles into the cell.
Taking a large liquid droplet is called __________.
__________ _________ endocytosis involves protein _______ recognizing hormones to help move them into the cell.
receptor ?______?
How does cholesterol get into a cell
receptors mediated endocytosis
Cell eating is known as
White blood cells engulfing bacteria is an example of _______________.
____________ is the opposite exocytosis.