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What is Evolution
the process in which by modern organisms have descending from ancient organisms
What is Fitness
the combination of physical traits and behaviors that help an organism survive and reproduce in its environment.
What is Common descent
idea that species have descended from common ancestors
What is Adaptation
the combination of physical traits and behaviors that help an organism survive and reproduce in its environment.
What is Fossil
the preserved remains or evidence of an ancient organism, fossils are bones from organisms that have survived for a long time and the people study them.
What is a Geological time scale
record of the history of life determined my the positions of layers of rock
What is Relative dating
a test to determine the age of fossils by comparing other fossils in different layers of rock
What is Radioactive element
unstable elements that decays into a stable element at a steady rate
What is a Half-life
length of time for halt of the radioactive atoms in a sample to decay
What is Absolute dating
the method of measuring rates of decay of radioactive material to determine how long ago an event occurred or how long ago the organism lived
What is Era
largest interval of time in a geological time scale
What is Period
interval in a geological time scale that is composed of epochs
What is Sedimentary rock
are formed when exposed to rain, heat, and cold breaks down existing rocks into small particles of sand, slit, and clay.
What is a Paleontologists
scientists who study fossils
What is a Fossil record
collection of fossils that represents the preserved collective of the earth’s organisms
What is Homologous structure
parts of different organisms, often quite dissimilar, that develop from the same ancestral body parts
What is an Vestigial organ
an organ that some animals have that serve little to no purpose in the body.
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