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The technique called _____ fertilization has been used for about 30 years to assist couples who have had difficult conceiving a child on their own.
(in vitro)
In vitro fertilization is when the ________ is fertilized outside of the ___________.
The _______ experiment was conducted by a graduate student in 1953 who demonstrated that the early Earth could have produced compounds, like amino acids, necessary for life.
(Miller or Miller-Urey)
The collision of _______ with Earth has been shown to cause the formation of peptides, the chemicals which make up proteins.
Three basic characteristics of life include the abilities to ______, ______, and _______.
(use energy, reproduce, evolve)
The formation of _______ , which surround all cells and act as a container for life, has been accomplished by scientists interested in the formation of early life on Earth.
Once all elements in the center of a star have been utilized for energy, the star reaches the ______ barrier.
In order for heavy elements to be produced, a star must ______, which generates tremendous heat allowing for the formation of many of the elements found I the universe.
A ________ can be made by stringing together the correct sequence of nucleotides together.
The 3 requirements of life include energy for growth and change, to___________, & to___________
(reproduce, evolve (in either blank))
Stars are formed by the fusion of 3 ________ nuclei to produce carbon.
A star explosion, know as a ____________ __________, occurs when ________ cannot be fused further.
(super nova, iron)
All of the hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, and iron in our body come from _________ _________ that was released by stars upon their death.
(star dust)
Living organisms are composed of 49%___________, 24%__________, and 24% oxygen.
(hydrogen, carbon)
The theory that life arose on Earth from organic building blocks that were present in the water on Earth’s surface is known as the __________ hypothesis.
In her experiments, Jennifer Black demonstrated that the intense heat and pressures meteorites experience during entry into earth’s atmosphere actually causes amino acids in a meteorite to form __________.
Energy powers life through the inter-conversion of water and carbon dioxide to form __________.