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Current data suggest that 2 in 3 Americans is either __________ or ____________.
(Obese, Overweight)
The BMI represents ___________ __________ ____________.
(Body Mass Index)
The BMI evaluates your ___________ in relation to your _________.
weight, height
If your BMI is greater than 30 you would be considered _____________ .
If your BMI is between _______ & ________you would be considered overweight.
(25, 29)
A calorie is the amount of released heat to raise 1 kg of water by _________.
If you eat an extra 40-50 calories a day, you would be estimated to gain _____ pound(s) every year.
The equation for photosynthesis begins with carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water, to form, glucose, ___________, and water.
In plants, the green pigment that traps solar energy is known as __________.
The source of hydrogen needed for photosynthesis comes from___________.
Obesity can result in a number of diseases such as heart disease, ___________, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis ___________ and ___________.
(diabetes, stroke, cancer)
The splitting of uranium atoms, as used in the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, is referred to as nuclear _____________.
The process of fusing hydrogen atoms to form helium, which releases huge amounts of energy, is known as __________.
Nuclear fusion