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List the steps of the cell cycle.
Describe interphase.
longest, cell processes carried out, chromosomes duplicate, grows and develops
Describe prophase.
first and longest part of mitosis
chromatin coil up into chromosomes
describe metaphase
chromosomes line up at equator
describe anaphase
chromatid pairs pull apart
describe telophase
final phase
chromosomes unwind to chromatin
nucleus re-appear
What is telophase called in animal cells? plant?
animal=cleavage furrow
plant=cell plates
What is cytokinesis and in which phase does it occur?
Telophase, when cytoplasm splits.
what happens when cell divide out of control?
What is diffusion?
molecules move from high concentration to low concentration
what is osmosis?
diffusion of water molecules
what is facilitated diffusion?
"diffusion w/ help"
membranes are example b/c of carrier proteins which carry molecules across the membrane
what is active transport?
material goes from low to high concentration

3 factors affecting diffusion?
-concentration: more concentrated molecules faster it diffuses
-temperature: warmer temp. quicker diffusion
-pressure: more pressure, quicker diffusion
hypotonic solution has water going?
into cell
hypertonic solution has water going?
out of the cell
isotonic solution has water going?
equally in and out [basically none moves]
what is endocytosis?
cell engulfs substance
two types of endocytosis are?
what is phagocytosis?
solid materials absorb
what is pinocytosis?
liquid absorbed
what is exocytosis?
cell expels material
name 6 differences between plant and animal cells.
-plant has cell wall
-plant has chloroplast
-plant has 1 vacuole
-plants are bigger
-plants are more square
-plants have cell plates
what is the smooth er job?
produce lipids
blebbing occurs where?
golgi body
microtubles and micro filaments
form cytoskeleton