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A flowering plant.
What is an Angiosperm? (p70)
Ex. Rose, Apple tree, Thrift, et. al.
A cone-bearing gymnosperm.
What is a Conifer? (p72)
Ex. Hemlock, Pine, Redwood, Cedar,
An angiosperm that has two seed leaves.
What is a Dicot? (p71)
Ex. Butterbean; also called Dicotyledon for two seed leaves at germination.
A beginning plant; an early stage in the development of an organism.
What is an Embryo? (p70)
Ex. A rudementary plant within a seed.
A seedless vascular plant.
What is a Fern? (p76)
Ex. Rabbitsfoot Fern; flowerless, seedless, vascular, plant of Class Felicinae with fronds having split leaflets & spores for reproducing
A large, feathery leaf of a fern.
What is a Frond? (p76)
Spores are held on the underside of this split leaflet.
A group of living things that include separate species.
What is a Genus? (p68)
Scientific name beginning with Capital letter.
A nonflowering seed plant.
What is a Gymnosperm? (p72)
Ex. Any Conifer or cone-bearing tree or shrub.
Decayed plant and animal matter that is part of the topsoil.
What is Humus? (p78)
Ex. Peat from bogs.
An angiosperm that has one seed leaf.
What is a Monocot? (p71)
Ex. Any flowering tree, shrub, or plant.
A nonvascular plant that has simple parts.
What is Moss? (p77)
Small, green plants of class Musci in division Bryophyta.
A plant that does not have tubelike cells for carrying water or food.
What is a Nonvascular Plant?
Ex. Liverworts, and mosses.
A tiny, root-like thread of a moss plant.
What is a Rhizoid? (p77)
How liverworts, mossess, and ferns absorb water from the substratum.
A plant part containing a beginning plant and stored food.
What is a Seed? (p70)
Any plant ovule with an embryo capable of reproducing
Clusters of reproductive cells on the underside of the frond.
What are Sori? (p76)
Reproductive cells of fern spread by wind from under its fronds.
The reproductive cells on some plants like mosses and liverworts.
What are Spores? (16)
Single-celled reproductive organ of ferns, mosses or liverworts.
A plant that has tubelike cells.
What is a Vascular Plant? (68)
Any seed-producing plant or tree.
A group of plant cells that form tubes through which food and water move.
What is Vascular Tissue?
Plant cells which help circulate fluids for plant.