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What animales are in Porifia
sponges ( anchored to the ground)
What is the function of the Spicules in Porifia
Skeletal fibers ( 2 layers ) made of mesohyl
What is the function of the collar cells
Injest food particles and the ammoebocytes carry nutrients through out the body
Describe the flow of water in Porifia
H2o flows in the poro cytes and out the osculum
How does this Phylum Reproduce porifia
Asexual/hermaphrodite- produce egg and sperm , egg stays in mesohyl , sperm is carried out by water current
What animals belong in Cnidaria
Jelly fish, sea anemonea, and hydrasq
What is the function of the nematoycsts
stinging cells that hold toxin
what are the two shapes that characterize the animals in cnidaria
Polyp U and upside down U is medusa
What body systems are missing in Porifia
Circulatory, nervous, respiration
What body systems are missing in cnidaria
Circulatory , reperatory
How do cnidaria reproduce ?
Asexual: budding
hermaphorditic : internal fertalization
What animals are in Platyminthes
Flat worm Trematode, Cestoda
Is Platyminthes flat round or segmented
What is the function of the auricules
it is apart of the nervous system
What is the function of the Ocelli
to detectlight
What is the Function of the Flame Cells in Platyhelminthes
to remove waste from water
Describe the path food takes through Playtyhelminthes
Pharynx extends out and gets food, goes through intestine where it is broken down and the waste is removed through mouth
How does this phylum reproduce Platyhelminthes?
Asexual: regeneration
Hermaphrodite : internalfertalization
What animals belong in nematoda
Ascaris, Tape worm
Is nematoda Flat, round or segmented
Describe the path that Nematodas food takes
Tube within a tube, mouth , intestine , anus
How does nematoda reproduce
Sexual: diecouse ( male and female) also needs a host to reproduce
What animals are in Mollusca
Clams, oysters, mussels, scallups, slugs, snails, octopus and squid
What is the key feature of Mullusca
soft body
What are the 3 Classes for Mollusca
Bivalves: 2 shells, gastropoda: stomach food
Cephlopod: head foot
What is the Function of the Nephridia in Mollusca
tubelike structure that filters amonia out of blood.
What is the function of The Radula in mollusca
its a toothy tougne that scrapes algea
What kind of larvae are produced in mollusca
trochophore larvae
Describe the path food travles
Mouth, stomach, intestine, anus
Annelidia, what kind of animals?
Earth worm ( segmented worm)
What animals are in arthropoda
insects, arachnids, crustaceans
Whats the key characteristic for arthropoda
jointed feet
What are the three classes for arthropoda
Insects: 3 sections, head, thorax, abdomen. Have three pairs of walking legs and a traceal tube. Arachnids: have 2 sections, head, cephalothorax and abdomen 4 pairs of walking legs and booklungs Crustaceans: have 3 sections " " " have gills and normal legs and simming leggs
What is the Chemical composition of the exoskeleton
What is Molting
shedding of the exoskeleton for a new one
How does the arthropoda phylum reproduce
Sexual diecious ( male and female) Internal and external fertilization and insects have metamorphisis
What animals Belong in Echinodermata
sea stars, and sea cucumbers, sea lilies
Descrip the path food travels in Echinodermata
Tube feet grabe food, stomach turns inside out while enzymes (digestive) travel through water , the solid waste goes out he anus
What makes up the water vascular system
into the tubefeet, and out the madre porite ( Mother pore)
What makes echinoderms more advanced than the other phylums
Has digestive enzymes that break down food
How does the echinoderms reproduce
Regeneration and sexual monoecious and diecious
Define Monoecious
Hermaphrodite ( both sperm and egg)
Define Dioecious
Sexual ( male andn female)
How does open circulatory system differ from a closed one
Open has no blood vessels while a closed has blood vessels