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Inherited behavior patterns
-appear at a specific developmental stage
-observed in people who are raised in isolation
-conducted without practice
Learned Behavior Patterns
-slowly developed by observing others
What evidence is there about genetic influences on personality?
-there is both a genetic and learned component of personality
-related to a specific, definite threat
-fear behaviors are adaptive and essential for survival
-experienced subjectively without reference to a specific object or situation
what NTs are associated with anxiety?
-NE inc
-GABA dec
-5HT dec
What physiological changes are associated with fear?
-inc HR
-rapid breathing
-cold extremities (vasoconstriction)
Psychogenic illness
-fear produces physical symptoms that are unsubstantiated by physical findings
What are the proposed mechanisms for psychogenic illness?
-observation (group think)
-impaired processing of sensory stimuli
Relative risk
-the incidence rate of a disorder among individuals exposed to a risk factor
What are some of the methods used in genetic investigation?
-pedigree studies
-family risk studies
-twin studies
-adoption studies
-cross fostering studies
Addiction vulnerability
-individuals who have addicted family members are more likely to become addicted themselves