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A protist is any organism that is not a
in an amoeba, a small cavity within the cytoplasm that stores food is a
food vacuole
members of the phylum that contain pseudopods (such as amoebas) are known as
the structure of a paramecium that is analogous to a water pump is the
contractile vacuole
a person who comes down with malaria can infer that they contracted it from
the bite of a mosquito
algae have a range of colors because they
have different pigments
from most shallow to most deep, the order that algae is found is
evolution of different chlorophylls and accessory pigments in algae had what effect?
an increase in the range of depths at which algae can live
a bloom is
an enormous mass of algae
a population of small, photosynthetic organisms found near the surface of the ocean are referred to as
what characteristic of green plants is shared by green algae?
cell wall composition, photosynthetic pigments, muticellularity (all of the above)
all fungi
absorb their food
fungi do not
undergo photosynthesis
fungi resemble plants in that they both always
have cell walls
a mushroom is a
fungal fruiting body
the tangled mass that makes up the body of a fungus is the
most fungi reproduce
both sexually and asexually
dark fuzz that grows on bread is an example of
mushrooms are classified as
club fungi
which structure is NOT found in a mushroom?
overtime, nutrients at the center of a large underground mycelium become depleted, causing new mushrooms to sprout
in a ring at the outer edges
and important role of fungi in an ecosystem is
breaking down dead organisms
fungi feed on
both living and dead organisms
the breakdown of dead organisms is sped up when fungi produce
digestive enzymes
the human disease ringworm is caused by
a fungus
the fungus that forms a mycelium within the outer layer of human skin causes
ringworm and athlete's foot
which of the following is NOT a single organism?
which statement about lichen is correct?
they are composed of an algae and fungus living together
the association of plants and fungi in mycorrhizae illustrates a type of relationship called
the switching back and forth between the diploid and haploid stage in a life cycle is called
alternation of generations