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what was unique about tetrapods?
they had 4 limbs and moved onto land
what are some examples tetrapods?
amphibians mammals, trutles, crocs, dinos, birds
when was the first evidence of the amniotic egg?
in the carboniferous era
what are the two basil mammals?
-echidna spiny anteater
-duck billed platypus
what is a placenta?do all mammals have a placenta?
-a structure that supports gas, waste and nutrient exchange between the embryo and the mother, has highly vascular tissue and highly grandular(directly secretes hormones)
what can the amniotic fluid do?
tell the sex and if any defects of the baby
what is the difference between endothermy and ectothermy?
endo=produce heat internally to regulate body temp(very constant body temp)
ecto=do not produce sufficient heat to regulate body temp(variable body temp)
where do animals withe ectothemy need to live in order to survive?where cant they live and why?
-in warm places
-in cold times and places they need warmth in order to survive
what are the benefits of endothermy?what are they benefits of ectothermy?
-can go everywhere,allows animals to invade cold places,can be active at many diff times,and all enzymes can be at perfect maxation of activity
-great lower E strategy, great fro variable food supplies/periodic food supplies
what is a major drawback to endothermy?
reqs a huge amount of energy have to constantly work and produce heat
are dinos endo or ecto thermic?
-have lungs but so do crocs
-have 4chamber heart but so do crocs
-have rapid bone growth crocs today dont but the extinct ones did
conclusion:flying dinos mostly enothermy so most likely endothermy