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what are 5 examples of echinoderms?
1.sea cucumbers
2.feather stars
3.brittle stars fish
5.sea urchins
what is the key characteristic trait of echinoderms?
spiny skin
do echinoderms have an endoskeleton or an exoskeleton?
endoskeleton with a thin layer of skin on it
describe echinoderm locomotion
driven by water pressure=water vascular(water goes in a lil pore in the center)
what kind of tissue do they have?
catch connective that allows them to change from completely rigid to completely pliable
what does cephalization allow for?
bilateral symmetry
what are asterodea?how man arms can they have?
-star fish
-5 or more
what kind of predators are asteroidea? what kind of prey do they eat?
-pusuit predators
-things that dont hae eyes(cnidarians, poriferas)
what are echinoidea? what kind of symmetry do they have at their adult stage?
-sea urchins
what kind of symmetry do asteroidea have?
why is imporntant to note about symmetry in the echinoderms>
all adult echinoderms are not bilaterally symmetric at their adult stage but they are bilateral at some stage in their life