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what are the 4 types of arthropods?
1.mynapoda(1 or 2 legs pers segement
2.chelicerate(spiders, mites)
4.crustacea(crabs, shrimp)
how many regions does the chelicerata(spider) have? name them? how many legs?
-2 regions the head=cephalothorax
and the trunk=abdomen
where do the legs come out of?
where do spiders produce silk from? how strong is it?
-1/3 as resistant as steel
does digestion occur inside or outside the body of spiders?
outside, they inject venome into prey which breaks down the tissue and then once it is all digested they suck it up
how many regions do the insects have? name them
-3 regions
the head, throax, and abdomen
how many wings do insects have?how many legs?
2 pairs of wings, 6 legs
what is the insect called that only has one pair of wings?
what is the largest group of insects?how many wings do they have?what are their wings covered by?
-2 pairs
-eltrya(hard armor)
how many mouth parts does the beetle have?do they have lungs?
1.cutting jaws
2.sucking mouth part
-no they have a tracheal system for gas exchange
what are crustacea?how many body regions do they have?how many pairs of legs? what is special about their abodmen?
-crabs, shrimp
-2 regions cephalothorax and the abdomen
-4,5,6 pairs
-they have leg like structures on the abdomen