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what evolutionary traits evolved on the tree of life that are in cnidarians and ctenohphores?
1.diplobast(two tissues)
2.radial symmetry
what are some examples of cnidarians(5)and what are their dominant life stages and what kind of feeders are they?
2.sea anenome/polyp/macroconivores
what is the defining characteristic of the cnidarians? what is in this characteristic that makes it harmful?
what is the stuff between the ectoderm and the endoderm? is it a tissue?
-a matrix not a tissue
what does it mean when the mesoglia is proteoglycan?
-swells up when it gets wet cause all (-) charge
name the life stages of the cnidarians
mature poly->medusea->larea->lil polyp
how does the cnidarians reproduce?
by budding off or making small structures that go off on their own
is the polyp stage sessile or mobile?
what are 2 examples of ctenophores? do they have cnidocyte?
comb jellies and sea walnuts
what do the ctenophores look like?
they are not true jellyfish they havve rows of cilia on them and have two tenticles
what kind of feeders are ctenophores? how do they eat?
-their tenticals are gluey and the plankton stick to them and then the tenticles are brought in
what is triploblast?where did it evolve?
-triplobalst=3tissue layers
-after the cn and ct and before the acoelomorpha
describe the 3 tissue layers of the triploblastic tissue
ectoderm=skin,epithilial tissue,nervous system
mesoderm=organs,circulation, much but not all muscles
endoderm=gut lining