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What is a hypothesis?
What is a Theory?
Hypothesis - A tentative answer to a well-framed question

Theory - An explanation that is supported by a large body of evidence
What is Inductive logic?
What is Deductive logic?
Inductive logic - Generalizations are based on specific observations

Deductive logic - Specific results are predicted from a generalization.
In Hypothesis Testing, what is H1 and H0?
H1 - When the F factor is important

H0 - When the F factor is not important
What is a scientific theory?
A hypothesis or body of hypotheses that have been tested over and over again, that have never failed testing and that can make general predictions.
What are the 5 things of an Evolutionary Theory?
1.) Species change over time
2.) Inheritance
3.) Species multiplication
4.) Gradualism
5.) Natural Selection
What is Natural Selection?
1.) The variation among individuals of a population
2.) Differential reproductive success of those individuals
3.) Genetic Exchange

SORTING. (not random)