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How does plant growth occur?
by cell division (mitosis) and enlargement (by water uptake)
Plants indetermintate (continuous) growth occurs where?
In the meristem
What are Meristems?
Meristems - are sites of active cell division (mitosis) that are made up of permanently embryonic cells
Give me four characterstics of meristems
1.) regular shape, small size, prominent nuclei

2.) small vacuoles; cytoplasm appears dense

3.) undifferentiated (lack of structual complexity)

4.) Thin primary cell wall only
What do microtubules do?
dictate the arrangement of the cellulose microfibrils of the next cell plate
Where does primary growth occur?
At the tips of stems and roots.
How do the vascular tissues in monocots grow?
Monocots - scattered througout the stem
What does a vascular bundle contain?
A xylem and a phloem
Primary Root is developing tissue from...
The radicle (the "first root")
What does root hair do?
Increases surface area of root so it can absorb more water.
Name the 3 zones in a root, starting up from the root cap
1.) Zone of Cell Division
2.) Zone of Elongation
3.) Zone of Maturation (here is where root hair can be found)
What is the innermost layer of the cortex?
The Endodermis.
Where do lateral roots arise from?
The pericycle
Name 3 purposes of roots
1.) Abosorption
2.) Anchorage
3.) Storage
What is so special about Aerial roots?
They are negative geotrophic....

which means.. they grow upwards (this helps them to avoid being water saturated)