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Kingdom Protista consists of eukaryotes or prokaryotes?is it a natural/monophyletic group?
eukaryotes, no
what happened during the time period of the protist kingdom?
invagination lead to nucleus,beginning of oragalles(endosymbiosis)
are organisms only multicellular?
no ther are some unicellular
what are the four types of protist?
foraminifera,euglenids, apicomplexan(parasitic),and ALGEA
what does apicomplexan cause?
descibe algea
photoautotrophs, either unicellular or multicellular, produce 1/2 of the photosynthesis in the world
what are the four different types of Algea?
Dinoflagellates(red tide),Brown Algea(kelp), Red, and GREEN
which algea is the ancestor of land plants?
what types of chlorophyl does red,brown, and green aglea have?
red:a, brown:a+c, green:a+b
what is alternation of generations?
life cycyle of these organisms, have both a multicellular diploid phase and a multicellular haploid phase
A sporophyte is haploid or diploid? A gametophyte is haploid or diploid?
diploid; haploid
describe land plants
multicellular, photosynthetic,, autotrophic, eukaryotes, that can survive and reproduce on land
what structures did plants develope to get from water to land?
reproduction: all plants ar called embryo barring plants(EMBRYOPHYTES)they have a protected embryo; survival:transort system, sense of support, cuticle layer, stomata, and pores