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When during cell cycle are chromosomes visible?
only during cell division
When during the cell cycle is a cells DNA replicated?
S phase
cell grows
phases of mitosis in sequence
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
The 2 main stages of cell dibision are
cytokinesis & mitosis
what phase of cell cycle is the would chromosomes be present in an unduplicated state
family of proteins, regulate cell cycle
cellular respiration in the prescence of oxygen uses 1 molecule of glucose to produce
2 atp
product of cellular respiration
process that takes place in cytoplasm of cell
starting molecule of krebs cycle
pyruvic acid
plants cannot release energy from glucose using
cellular respiration
product of photosynthesis
reactant for cellular respiration
the stroma is the space that surrounds
product of calvin cycle
high energy sugars
first to identify and see cells
robert hooke
does not require energy
facilitated diffusion
breaks down food into particles cell can use
when carbon and oxygen combine to form carbon dioxide, dcarbon dioxide would be
a product
the principle of dominance states
some alleles are dominant and some are recessive
principles of probability can be used to
predict traits of offspring produced by genetic crosses
if round (R) is dominant to wrinkled (r) and a round is crossed to a round resulting in 75% round and 25% wrinkled, what must the genotypes of the parents have been?
Rr x Rr
krebs cycle produces
electron carriers
location of glycolysis
producs of light-dependent reactions
oxygen gas, atp, nadph
calvin cycle occurs
in stroma
photosynthesis equation
6H2O+6CO2>602+C6 H12 O6
when is energy released from ATP
a phosphate group is removed
diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane
requires a protein embedded in membrane
facilitated diffusion
prokaryotes lack
a nucleus