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An advatage of sexual reproduction is that
It increases Genetic Diversity.
Crossing-over occurs
During prophase 1
Cytoplasm divides unequally in meiosis during production of
Egg cells
The zygote is the only diploid cell in
The haploid life cycle
Which of the following does not provide new genetic combination? Random Fertilization, independent assortment, crossing-over, or cytokinesis
which of the following is not a type of asexual reproduction? Budding, Fission, Fragmentation, or alternation of generations
Alternation of generations
If, during an animals life cycle, the gametes are the only haploid cells, the life cycle is
The diploid life cycle
DNA relication occurs
Prior to phase 1
In Telophase 2, cytokinesis results in
Four haploid cells
Asexual Reproduction produces
Asexual reproduction limits _________ Diversity.