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what is the largest organism known to man?
is fungi eukaryotes or prokaryotes? are they multicellular, unicellular, or both?
is fungi more closely related to plants or animals?
are fungi heterotrophs or autotrophs?
heterotrophs which makes them different from plants which are autotrophs
how do funigi get its nutrients? what kind of process is this?
by absorption and excrete enzymes to digest nutrients
- extracellular(outside the cell)
what are the two types of fungi?
describe mycelia.what is one strand of mycelia called? how is each cell of mycelia connected?
weblike bodies that grow in soil
-by a wall called a septum,each septum has a pore taht the nucleus and organelles pass through also how absorb nutrients
what are the four types of food sources for fungi?
2.parasites(yeast infection,athletes foot,crops)
3.mycorrhizal fungi
what are the two types of mycorrhizal fungi?
1.ectomycorrhizal(outside of pants)
2.Arbuscular mycorrhizal(grow into the cell through cell wall)
what are the 4 different kinds of fungi based on reproduction?
1.chytridiomycota(swimmng gametes and spores)
2.zygomycota(hyphae yolk together and make zygotes)
3.basidiomycota(form spores on basidia)
4.ascomycota(form sacks that make spores)
how is beer formed?
yeast is put in water and let sit and ferment and it breaks down to glucose and ethanol
are viruses on the tree of life?why or why not?
no they can not replicate on their own.need other cells to replicate
what kind of fungi are viruses?
what kind of genomes do viruses have?what are the two types of virus structures
DNA,RNA,single stranded DNA/RNA
-non enveloped(surrounded by layer of proteins) and enveloped(genome surrounded by capsid and then phospholipid bilayer)
what does HIV do?
it attacks T-helper cells which are impt for immune system which prevents you from fighting off other diseases