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What is an amino acid?
What is a carboxyl group?
COOH, its a organic acid
What is the atomic number?
The # of protons
What is an isotope?
Variation of the expected norm.
What is an ion?
Molecule with a charge on it.
What is a cation?
a positive charge
What is an anion?
a negative charge
How many can the first shell hold?
2 electrons
2nd shell?
8 electrons
3rd shell?
18 electrons
what is a covalent bond?
When atoms share electrons
What is an ionic bond?
When an ion gains or loses one or more electrons. Its the attraction between oppositly charged ions.
What is a polar covalent bond?
H2O2. Its the unequal sharing of electrons.
What is the weakest type of bond?
Hydrogen bond.
What are the orders of molecules?
Methane,Methanol ethane,Ethanol, propane, propanol, Butane, Butanol
Glucose and Fructose give you what?
What does ose mean?
What does ol mean?
What does ane mean?
what are the 3 lipids in the body?
Triglyceride, Phospholipid, and cholesterol.
What is a triglyceride?
Its a lipid and Animal fat. consists of 3 fatty acids and 1 glycerol.
What is a phospholipid?
Found in the cell membrane. The control what goes in and what comes out. They have 2 fatty acids, 1 phophoric acid, and 1 glycerol. It has a negative charge. Its also polar, hydrophillic, and amphipathic.
What is cholesterol?
Its a lipid, and an alcohol, Its polar and hydrophilic.