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There are 2 types of respiration...what are they?
Aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
What is aerobic respiration?
this is the breaking down of organic material in the presence of oxygen & produces large amount of energy.
In the cells of plants and animals, a series of what takes place?
a series of chamical reactions take place under the control of enzymes, in very small structures called mitochondria
When oxygen combines with respiratory substrate such as glucose releases what?
a large amount of energy and produces carbon dioxide and water
What is anaerobic respiration?
this is the break down of organic material in the absence of oxygen
It also consists of a series of what?
chemical reactions under the control of enzymes, but glucose is only a small amount of energy is released
What is the respiratory surface?
the surface through which oxygen leaves the living organism
The respiratory system enables what?
the rapid and efficient exchange of gases between the organism and its environment
What is external respiration?
the exchange of gases at the respiratory surface
Why is the respiratory surface large and thin?
so that there is a large surface area through which gases exchange can occur.they are alo very thin so that the gases only have a short distance to diffuse
Why is the respiratory surface moist?
becuse the gases have to dissolve in the moisture in order to diffuse across the durface
Why is the respiratory surface supplied with gases?
gases are usually brought to and from the respiratory surface by some kind of breathing movement
Why is the respiratory surface supplied with blood?
most respiratory surfaces in animals are supplied with blood vessels which bring some gases and take away others