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The activity of osteoclasts is regulated by?
The activity of osteoblasts is regulated by?
parathyroid hormone
build bone
crush bone
Formation of bone from an existing cartilage template
endochondral ossification
Formation of bone without a pre-existing cartilage template
intramembranous ossification
What do you call the three types of joints?
immovable, partly movable, synovial
Bones of the skull are connected by... ?
immovable joints
Vertibrae of the spinal chord are connected by...?
partly movable joints
The hip joint is what type of joint?

(contains synovial fluid for lubrication)
Where is synovial fluid found?
joint cavity
In the arms the biceps and triceps form what?
antagonistic pair
When you raise your hand the bicep contracts, ...
the tricep relaxes.
What happens when you lower your hand?
The bicep relaxes and the tricep contracts.
Calcium is labeled radioactively and followed as it is incorporated into growing bone. In theory, the the radioactively labled calcium will be detected in the greatest concentration in the ?
epiphyseal plates
Cartilage is...?
unmineralized tissue